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Representative President Shigenori Oiwa
Headquarters 1-26 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daitoh-shi ,Osaka 574-0057, Japan MAP
TEL.+81-72-874-1441 / FAX.+81-72-874-7441
Business Manufacturing, Sales, Import and Export of Percussive Tools
Founded A.D. 1939
Capital 37.95 million yen
Board Member Chairwoman Kayoko Oiwa
President Shigenori Oiwa                                                                                          Director Masato Kishimoto
Sales Office

■Sendai Sales Office  5-3-47-201 Uesugi, Aoba Ward, Sendai MAP

■Tokyo Sales Office  4-18-20 Minami-Oi, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo MAP

■Osaka Sales Office 1-26 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daitoh-shi ,Osaka MAP

■Hiroshima Sales Office 1-2-1 Fukushima-cho, Nishi Ward, Hiroshima MAP

■Fukuoka Sales Office 3-10-15 Hakata Station East, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka MAP

■Export Department 1-26 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daitoh-shi ,Osaka


■Head Factory 1-26 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daitoh-shi ,Osaka

■Daitoh Factory 2-3-5 Sanga, Daitoh-shi

■Neyagawa Factory 3-28-1 Kayashihma-Higashi, Neyagawa-shi

■Shinden-Nishi Factory 1-28 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daitoh-shi

■Shinden Factory 1-45 Shinden-Nakamachi, Daitoh-shi


■General-Purpose Machine                                                               Lathe (General-Purpose, NC) , Milling Machine (General-Purpose, NC), Machining Center, Grinding Machine ( Centerless, Cylindrical, Flat, Internal, Tool, Profile ) , Shot Blast Machine etc.

■Personal Airplane                                                                             Drill Proccessing Machine, Brazing Machine etc.

■Forging Machine                                                                               Free Forging Machine, Automatic Forging Machine etc.

■Heat Treatment Furnace                                                                   Pit Furnace, Batch Furnace etc.

■Inspection Facility                                                                           3D Measuring Machine, Projector, Magnaflux Tester , Hardness Tester etc.

Product Percussive Tools for Construction and Industrial Machinery/Equipment.
Global Network 37 countries 97 companies